Curiosity and Authenticity

Emotions and Meaning

Why do we often go gaga over kids, think they are adorable?  After all, they can be like a tornado in your home, but yet we often think they are precious, adorable etc… Part of that is because they have that sense of wonder, of curiosity about life, people, self, they are inquisitive, though at times that can drive adults nuts with the constant “why? but why?”.  Still this sense of wonder they have is beautiful, and for a while even teens and young adults might maintain it to a certain extent, but then life happens, it seems to beat us down, if we let it, and we no longer are curious about life, people anything, which is really sad for us and for society.   Time for adults to have a healthy curiosity about faith, life, love, arts, nature, to have that awe, that innocence, bring some of that back.  The other reason kids are a pip is they are themselves, even when playing pretend their authentic self is present.  Kids are not trying when they are young to be something they are not, not trying to score point etc.., kids when they are young, really young are just being themselves, being their core self, reveling in life, trying to, though these days society is a darker tone and not that easy for them to do so.  If you think back, if you are my age 50 something, you can remember block parties, neighborhood guys looking out for the kids, jump rope in the street, hopscotch outside, being yourself.  Time we really figured out who “Me” is holistically in healthy ways and claim our authenticity for our own sake and for the sake of our broken society.  For me, I plan on doing self Reiki with chakra chanting, and keep listening to the chakra meditation, weekly join a meditation circle by my home to really peel away the layers and understand as a child of the Most Sacred Source, the Creator of the Universe, Hashem, Yahweh what my truest core self is.  I have a good sense due to doing the exercises in my life coaching classes, but I still want to go deeper to understand myself and what makes me tick.  I raise a symbolic glass to us finding our curiosity and our authenticity for all time.

Shalom and Amen