Cutting Ties -Courage?

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The Future is Also the Present.

You have hopes, dreams, ideas, and you just know they are going to shine, you can feel it, but the people you are in business with etc..just wont be at all supportive, but you have been in been with them for so long, feels like you’re obligated, plus it’s a safety blanket of sorts..  You have been in a union for what seems a lifetime, but it’s dead, not life, it’s face of misery for everyone, but again you feel duty bound, and it’s a safety blankety  If you have this situation going on for a good period of time, you have to really take a good look in the mirror.  You have to decide, not in a narcissistic way, but in a genuine greater good for you and all, this question.  Do you love yourself and maybe even those around you enough and are you courageous enough to?  

“Huh?”, may be saying.  Do you love yourself and those around you enough to break free?  How is breaking free showing love you might wonder?  In life you have to love yourself enough to not accept misery, crushing of your hopes and dreams so on and so forth, to be able to, with dignity and agape love walk away for the greater good of self, which actually may be in the end for the greater good of all.  For us to be contributing the fullness of who we are, even be attracting that which we truly wish in our deepest most authentic heart and self, we have to love, value ourselves.  Sometimes that means we have to get a bit in someone’s face to make things clear, not in a nasty way, but be bold.  Sometimes it means we have to decide that this arrangement is not taking me ot my fullest potential and we have to firmly find a way to break with that situation, that contract, that clan, person, relationship.  It may not be easy because humans more often than not are creatures of habit and we are weary of letting go of our safety blankets, even when they are simply suffocating, stifling us etc…, really do need to be let go of, released, swiftly, decisively, again not in a mean or vindictive way, but released, let go of.  What helps in terms of being able to let go?  

If you have someone who truly believes in you, in your ideas, your gifts etc…, then get together that person, or those person, or those two people, even just that one person who has a great vision of your gifts, your talents, potential and believe in that vision for yourself also.   Team up with that person, those two people that really believe in you and let them be your push to move forward initially.  Sometimes, we have internal fears etc… that keep us from moving ahead, from taking the bull by the horns and cutting ties with things, even approaching those we might wish to approach whom we do know there could be an awesome team or trio etc… created that could bring us fulfillment on many levels.  We are fearful of cutting ties to the past, of moving into the future of confrontation with those we would be cutting ties to.  Confrontation is not necessarily a bad thing when handled with assertiveness, strength and Agape love for self and others.  Sometimes we find it hard to find that strength on our own, so we need to reach out to others and their strength, belief in us can help move us out of situations that are stagnant, miserable and keeping us from seeing our full potential realized.  It’s okay to reach out, especially if there has been a reaching out already on the other end.  

There is always this assumption that confrontation etc.. has to be messy, dramatic all that jazz.  It really doesn’t, not when we have people, even one person, who staunchly believes in us, in our gifts, dreams, hopes etc.. They can be an anchor, a beacon and that can make all the difference.  Staying in misery, whatever the situation out of fear, a safety blanket is a must all the time mindset is not loving yourself or anyone else, and it deprives perhaps the world of some great talent etc.. that could have flourished if we had let go and released the former.  That truly is sad.  There are some questions you might want to ask yourself if you are too scared to reach out to that person, those who truly believe in you.

1.            In what areas do you not feel safe?
2.            In what areas do you feel there is not enough?
3.            In what areas do you feel like you have no control or choice?
4.            Where are you missing healthy boundaries?
5.            Do you trust that life supports you?
6.            Do you trust yourself to make supportive, healthy decisions?
7.            Are you able to easily make decisions?

Maybe you need to grab hold of someone who has that big life vision for you, your gifts etc… and work through these questions with them, have them be a sounding board, and your teammate in getting to a new level, one where there is no fear etc…

Namaste, Shalom and Amen