Dark Abyss That Takes a Life


The Dark Abyss

How to describe you and how to fight you?Is that name of the game?

A game that what it is, this game of cat and mouse of dark with glimpses of light?

A game, a tug of war between hope and despair, of weaving in and out?

How does one make understand the game Lucifer plays with heart, mind and soul?

The game to drive one to the edge of despair and what it is at the end of the game?

What it is is the dark abyss, the dark abyss is what it is.

When I heard of Robin William’s suicide and was reminded of another young actor’s recent suicide, I thought of the recent energy shifts, all I had come to understand theologically about how Lucifer works to undermine humanity.  

As I discern more and more the things of faith, of life etc… I come to understand Lucifer’s games and how he plays them, and that has given me perhaps an edge in pulling back and refusing to play, in discerning the hits before they come and/or navigating them without falling apart, as with this transitory energy shift that has been happening and leading to the next three weeks of changes that will coming to many people’s lives, including likely my own. 

For some managing all of this is a lot easier than it is for others and they can navigate through it and life’s bumps, while others can not, or they may at one time, but not another.  We must always keep those close to us in prayer because we never know down deep inside what they might be going through.  When I asked the Lord to help me understand what depression was for these people this is what the Holy Spirit gave me to share with all of you.

To Robin Williams and to all those who have passed on, their loved ones, are condolences and our prayers.