Day to Day Says A Lot

The Journey That is Life.


Day to day interaction, communication or lack of says a lot, and so does what is shared.  Funny how much I am realizing that now at this stage, in my early 50’s.

I two people that I consider family, one I worked with teaching and she went back to Cyprus a while back, yet we are in constant communication through fb, and video chat, every day and discuss whatever is going on in our lives.  We are even strategizing how we can work together to help each other, be supportive of each other to realize our dreams.  I have a dear friend who I consider family, he has even put me on his fb family tree as his aunt and I have put him in as my nephew.  We talk every day and have shared about all the frustrations etc.. of our lives, we have shared some really deep stuff, even had discussions about world events and all that.  We talk every day on fb, and though we have never met, I consider him family, like I do my friend Christina, and I have one or two other FB friends that I have never met but consider family.  We go through periods where we don’t communicate as much, but when we do we share important stuff about our lives.  If we were to meet in the near future, there would be a solid foundation for that friendship, and that is important.  

If I am going to collaborate with someone artistically, if I feel the Holy Spirit showing me potential for something really awesome to collaborate with another then I will reach out, will seek to explore different things to bring ideas to the table for us to work with, but also I will want to know that person to the fullest extent possible, their personality, likes, dislikes, life story etc… Some might say that it is not necessary, just do the work, do the creative work and what the heck does really knowing that person heart spirit and soul and them knowing you that way have to do with anything, but it does.  If I am being shown by the Holy Spirit a project etc… for the long term then I want to know the person I am going to collaborating with long term and I expect them to want that also, to seek to spend time getting to know me as a person, and in social context as well.  I expect us to exchange ideas, opinions on a variety of things, even if we disagree, that includes the creative aspect of a project for the long term and work out any differences there to create something glorious that the Lord would be proud of.  I also can’t be the only one doing the seeking out to know and understand in the relationship, and that goes for any relationship development, including creative, professional etc…I realize that for me to move forward with any project, collaboration so on and so forth, the other party has to show they also reach out and want to get to know me as a person, really get to know me and see to it that I know them well also.  I also hope that the person I have a strong connection to that I rarely get to see due to logistics, they realize the potential of collaboration and do the same, reach out and get to know me as a person and begin to move towards full artistic collaboration.  I also have learned that I can not wait around for anyone, or count on anyone to see the full potential of my gifts, talents, ideas and all that, so I must plan on working solo towards my dreams, pray others open their eyes, see the potential of working with me, and do so, continue to share my ideas etc.. as best I can and move forward with my creativity with confidence and faith.