Dealing Angry, Vengeful Others


As I watch the exit, forthcoming exit of Britain, we see that there are different views on how the exit should occur, Merket and the UK want a slower pace exit, while some want to cut ties immediately because they feel dragging it on hurts the whole.  If Merkel insists on her way and other nations don’t want that, it could get sticky, maybe nasty, vengeful even.  It made me think about relationships, and divorce, including career partings in partnerships, artists with managers.   Let’s face it sometimes though you want to be mature, just agree to all terms that are a win-win for all and get on with life, the other side is angry, bitter etc.. and are determined to make it as hard as they can for you to exit, or put you through hell during the transition.  That’s a tough place to be in, especially if you have people caught in the middle.  Let’s take a nasty divorce, as it can apply to contract disputes and other situations.  

There is one thing that we have to realize and that is that we can’t control the other/s, not in any direct marionette way.  We can control ourselves, our choices, decisions, behaviors, how authoritative we are, all of that, what terms we present for a win-win situation.  Often the other party or parties want to get your goat so you say, do something stupid, behave in a way that is nasty as they are or more, in a way that they can then say you are the bad guy not them, a power play is what it all really is.  If the other side of the fence has a much stronger financial position, then figure out how to make yours strong, if you have to team up with someone who will have your back, who is a strong person, can be a power team person with you in what you do, what you aspire to do, then team up, there is power in a strong team that has each other’s back and can build a solid financial base and future, if that person can also be there for you emotionally, really have your back in a solid way to build a solid foundation, realize your dreams, potential including financially, awesome.   Keep communications open, and it may not be easy to do that and keep your cool, but meditate if you have to before communicating with them, breathing exercises.  Find a way, to be able to communicate, from a place of strength, authority, faith in the future, your future and also their future being positive with this parting of ways, whether personal or professional.  A tactic that some use is constantly change what they are asking for, the  terms etc… just to drive the other person to the edge and as a revenge tactic.  When that happens, you have to get firm, strong, present the most win-win proposal/s possible and say, that’s it, no more negotiating, know this hard on you, sorry, but these are great terms, no other terms will be offered, discussed, so let’s get this done, once and for all.  Repeat that there are the best possible terms, no others are going to be coming or negotiated, sometimes without being equally angry or bitter, you have to get tough.  There are also at times concerns when one is in the middle or at tail end of a divorce in either kind of situation about going into a new one, whether it is a new personal relationship or professional one.  If you have feelings for someone, and want them in your life, they have indicated they do also, talk to them, let them know the situation and together you will figure out the rest, same with professional.  Talk to those that matter to you and if there is someone new in your life, someone you would like to have as part of your life on any level, don’t shut them out, let them be part of the journey, they might be a great source of strength if they have a very strong spirit, a strong heart and lots of faith, talk to them, don’t wait, keep them shut out, same for professional.  Meditate and proceed, speak from the heart.  Of course paramount is legal advice that knows what the hell they are doing.  Without that, all the rest is a mute point.  I happen to be a great believer in meditating to neutralize all dark, negative energy in life, so if I were going through such a situation, and dealing with an angry bitter person, I would meditate for them to come to the table in Agape Love, for the good of all and sign off on the parting of ways, immediately, pronto.  I would also seek out the person I had in my heart to be there and make this journey with me. That’s me.  Remember to focus on breaking the chains, shackles so you can enter a new life and doing so in a way that everyone wins and as quickly as possible.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen