Dealing With Another’s Indecisive

When The Other Person Wont Decide or Cooperate

Creativity and spirituality is not only required in art, but in life also.  There are times when you have in a relationship, marriage, a significant relationship opposing forces, a tug of war so to speak, with one person wanting one scenario, and needing another person to do something for that scenario to happen, but that other person not going to cooperate to make it happen, too much time etc…invested in the situation.  They may not want to be there either, and are just as miserable, but pride and human nature being what it is just wont give in and let go.  You have indecisive, uncooperative yadda yadda yadda, a tug of war.  What happens?

Paralysis.  Basically creative, emotional and spiritual paralysis on both ends.  The heart, spirit and the soul literally become blocked with dark energy, and have no ability to truly love, only lust, or be perhaps intellectual, bitterness, emptiness of heart, spirit soul, being stuck in status quo sets in, but the capacity to truly love heart, spirit, soul, open up to accept love on a large scale and boldly, courageously, fearlessly, on multiple levels, including a deeply spiritual level and make that kind of commitment becomes difficult, if not impossible, especially in the situation they are in.  Being with anyone who is open on that level long term, who loves on that level long term can be scary for anyone who has shut down heart, spirit soul on a deep spiritual and metaphysical level and is operating on a purely intellectual level.  While they may long for that and being with that person, that kind of person, fear of that very thing, and person keeps them in paralysis of stuck, bitter even perhaps in the status quo, holding grudges of the past, but never speaking up, never really resolving, never moving on, just stuck, closed, paralysis.  Remember, we are energy, that is a big part of who we are, and the world around it, what it is, so energy is important in understand of life and dynamics of everything.  It’s helping me understand myself a bit more also.

No one speaks up, no one resolves, no one says what is really going on, there is no real love, no real emotion, no capacity for it, not really, it’s all superficial, if there is any there.  If love is encountered that is deep, really deep, profound, life changing etc…, and the person is enthralled and wanting very much to embrace it, they are also frightened by it, and in that fear the uncertainty and in their having become so closed, there is little room for creativity, deep profound hurricane like, unpredictable “wow hold on for the ride” kind of love and life that is presented to them, as much as they wish to embrace it and that person.  As I said the other person in the relationship already with them may also want out at the deepest level of their heart, spirit and soul, but faces the same dilemma, so paralysis.  Until one of the parties involved has the courage to overcome the inertia, the paralysis, and push past it, to break past the shell say “enough” and make a decision to embrace bold, courageous, creative, fearless they will remain in paralysis, closed etc… 

Others can advise, pray etc.. for people in stuck and paralysis life situations, but ultimately unless they choose to push past to freedom, and an amazing new life, they will stay in that paralysis, in that closed self and being.  Nothing anyone can do to get them out of that.  Those who love them can only either watch in sadness, or walk away at some point if it is best to do so for their own greater good.