Death of Journalism, Dangerous

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The Dumbest Media Question I’ve Ever Heard

More and more I am inclined to watch OAN, and only OAN.  Why?  Aside from editorials, the media has very specific roles which they are obligated to impartially engage in for there to be a healthy Constitutional Democracy.  What are they?:

  • Watchdog for the people as regards those in power and their behavior
  • Report on the facts and only the facts
  • Report on the public’s needs, impressions and such
  • Provide reassurance and panic prevention by providing valuable information

Editorials, those such as The Ledger, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Tomi, they are presenting editorials.  The same principle applies, or ought to for the Internet, Print any means of Journalism.  While editorials are there to provide opinions and analysis, News is there to provide simply news, nothing else, straight up, facts only news.  What I find ironic is that CCTV, aside from OAN, seems to be the one channel that separates News from editorial.  

For the Constitution, voting process all these things to function in a Democratic Republic, these clear lines must be unmovable and we the public upon realizing biased heavy biased in any way shape or form in the News, not editorial, as that is a different kettle of fish, and when the News is anything but The Facts and ONLY the Facts, it is crucial to crush that immediately via our voices heart by social media, fax, emails.  It is crucial for the nation to have an accurately informed public, unless the elite don’t want such a thing.  It would seem that we have a world where the elite do not want a facts and truth media, which creates a narrative that created division and chaos.  Perhaps for the globalization and New World Order this is exactly what they want and require, a very ill informed public. Something to think about.