Decided To Stop Reaching Out


When you have an instant electric connection with someone and as an empath and such it’s even more potent, your instinct is to build on that, to reach out.  

That is what I do if I have an instant electric connection or general sense of connection to someone.  It’s who I am and that can be good or frustrating depending on the other person’s response.  I have been reaching out to a particular immediate first time we crossed path person I had this instant connection with.  I have done so with sincere friendship, in sincere friendship, even sensed they were going through a rough time and offered to be there as a friend, with sincere wishes to build a solid friendship.  This holiday after I reached out for Christmas and New Year came around and there was no reaching out on their part, I realized it is futile to even try to reach out.  I still sense stuff going on with them emotionally and in life, particularly the heartbreaking stuff and it is a bit intense at times.  I will likely keep feeling that.  I still sense stuff from someone from my past I have not seen in a good while, which was a strong intense connection in my life.  I also have to realize that when something has become futile and the other person has made it clear by their lack of interaction they have no interest in a friendship or even any creative collaboration, you need to just walk away.  It serves no purpose to keep reaching out over and over and over for a good length of time and you are banging your head against the wall.  Am I disappointed? Yes, of course I am, would be silly not to admit that.

On the other hand, I have other people and projects I am hoping to get working with and if they choose not to embrace friendship that I offer, that is truly their loss.  They lose out on a lot friendship and creative wise, but if they have no wish to have a friendship, to be involved whether in friendship, creative collaboration or both, it is their choice and I see no reason to keep pushing up against a brick wall, none.  If I am going to reach out, there has to be a reaching out back at some point and an indication from that person that they wish to engage in a friendship etc… I truly wish them well, but I also won’t be banging my head against a wall.