Decision Making Questions

Decision Making Qustion


The Holy Spirit placed upon my heart to post this today.  When POTUS announced he was pulling out of Syria no doubt the Kurds and we know others were upset, but here is the thing, you can’t stay in a conflict zone trying to fix what only what those on the inside have the power to fix.  You can’t indefinitely station yourself as savior, heck even Jesus said He had to go, even he knew his mission in the earthy physical sense was limited in time frame and Had to go home to the Father and complete the rest of the task from home.  Life is like that, and so is determining goals for ourselves, relationships.

For ourselves it is up to us to determine several things in our goal setting, decision making and all that.  We need to know the terrain we are going into, not be so afraid we never venture into any territory, stay in our own little snow globe.  We should have an idea of the territory, what it looks and feels like in regards to goals, hopes and dreams.  If we find ourselves in territory that then becomes dark, filled with clouds, thorns and few or no roses, is a truly miserable one for us and thus those with us, then we have choices we have to make, sometimes tough ones.  If we do all we can to bring the light, sunshine back and it is not possible, then we have to decide perhaps to be courageous enough to say enough and care enough going into the New Year about self and everyone involved to walk away, create a different life for me, so they can create a different life as well.   It’s important as we look to the New Year, to set realistic resolutions, but also to ask questions, to see to it that if the terrain has gotten too dark, too filled with thorns for everyone involved, it can’t be made a beautiful garden again or ever, that we find the courage to walk away.  We can say it’s others not cooperating and find every reason why there is not a resolution, an ending, a new beginning, but maybe it has to do in part with surrender, with surrender no only to divine wisdom and guidance out of the nasty terrain, but also a willingness to accept some level of loss, financial, emotional, even if in the beginning it hurts to do so.  As I said, someone needs to read this, hear this right now, so when the Holy Spirit calls me to post about something, post I shall.  I hope it helps someone who is perhaps trying to get out of the dark, sad desert terrain into the sun to do so. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen.