Been a rough week. The fibromyalgia hit hard and I have been crashing practically every day for the past two weeks, which has meant not doing what I had planned with the church the artistic stuff.  I won’t lie, it has been a downer and having no quiet all to myself space to create poetry, etc.. all day is a bummer, bumming me out.  I can let it sink me and lose all faith etc…, but as the poem says, God does not promise to stop the storm.  He does in prayer, reading scripture, in reading uplifting poems, etc.., and through my church community help me to move through it and regain any lost hope or faith.  When you have chronic oppression, it takes a lot to not abandon faith, it would if I didn’t have a strong community, people to be in prayer with me.   I will have more storms, don’t expect them to stop or storms not to exist, but I do know that the Lord will give me the strength to navigate all storms.  Storms don’t last forever and we can’t let the storms define who we are, even if we become frustrated and a bit down.  We need to find good people of strong and loving faith to walk us through the storm in faith.