Demons Within, Undoing of Each of Us

Often when one thinks of demons, we think of the ones in movies, gargoyles etc…, but they are actually often closer to home, and lurk within us.  What are those demons and how do we purge them, constructively?

Demons come in many forms, they come in the scars that are borne sometimes from a childhood that was chaotic, upside down for any number of reasons, creating a very shaky foundation, so one might have all kinds of insecurities going on and can’t connect to others.  One may want to love, be loved with every fiber of our being by that special someone, have that very intimate raw union that is a fire int he heart, spirt and soul,  but fear it, don’t trust that, ourselves or others truly to go into deep connection mode.  The demons of yesterday, of what was experienced growing up, the what if, could of and should of in ones subconscious can be like demons that attack and block any possibility of connection in any real deep way to anyone. One might be all over the map, even when one has finally found that twinflame soulmate, we might not trust ourselves or them to fully pursue and embrace that, or might wait for the other to make all the moves, and well if they also have unpurged demons and are waiting for you to be the one to make all the moves, whether it is in a business or personal relationship or both, then there will be lots of frustration.  For anything to truly thrive, flourish, including relationships, even us as individuals one has to be willing to take the bull by the horns so to speak and confront whatever ones demons, release them, be purged of them and  be able to flourish on our path, the one is authentically meant to be on, and with that true soulmate twinflame who is on the same path, can be a mutual inspiration and we do the same for them, a real synergy.  Without this purging of inner demons one can not truly live a focused, thriving etc.. life.  There are different ways one can deal with one’s inner demons, but I am partial to prayer and meditation, so I hope this can help you purge your inner demons to move on to a great new chapter, to flourish in all things and be with that true twinflame soulmate in a very healthy happy inspiring union, as well as a path that truly reflects ones vocation, gifts so on and so forth.