Depression etc…Do Speak, Don’t They?

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Of course immediately some wanted to make it about gunns, which it isn’t about that.  As I watched the news about what happened in Florida, I heard some things over and over being said about the shooter.   It was said he was very socially awkward, even the uncool kids, even the ones who were unpopular, not part of the “in” group rejected him.  His behavior so inappropriate, even they wanted nothing to do with him.  There were issues of psychological nature going on there and my questions immediately were:  Didn’t his adoptive family see that?  If they did early on, what was done about it?  Did educators recommend any kind of psychiatric therapy etc..?  Did the parents follow through?  What was going in in this home? Was there any spectrum of autism?”  I ask that due to the fact that he would make very inappropriate comments to fellow students, as was pointed out, and if this was a patterns, if he did this with them, teachers etc.., just made me wonder about that.  What about the school saying they were not aware, schools officials saying so?  Really, you had no clue, none, even though he was ostracized from even the uncool kids group?  I find that hard to believe.   Signs are often there, and sometimes they are very blatant, other times changes in behavior that are chalked up to “just being a teen, or you know how teenagers are?” well not always the smartest attitude.  I am not saying even kids, teens can’t have an off day, but if there are a good number of recurring “off” days, and lots of isolation happening, something is not kosher.  We need to pay attention, then see from prayer and guidance, as well as perhaps advice from very trusted people what we should be doing.  To pretend stuff will get better on its’ own because we want it to, is not a plan.  As we weep for the victims let’s not excuse what he did, or any shooter does in these circumstances, but let’s understand in these situations what the phrase “love your enemy” means.  Again, it does not mean you excuse or cover up bad or even downright criminal behavior, but it does mean you recognize that in these cases these very lost souls have also destroyed their own lives in the process and any life destroyed in this way, that makes God weep.