Desires in Healing the Hidden Self


The perceptive and the aware parts of ourselves are  what we refer to as the whole self. The whole self is our personality, which represents our actions, emotions and feelings. It is our nature that makes up our character and becomes our identity once developed.  Part of what I realize now has been a stumbling block in my progress in life etc.. is that I did not have this clearly defined, the whole self. Life is always teaching you something, but do we listen and learn., that is the question.

Because each of us in some way is unique, which is how God intended it personality and life wise, each of  commonly react differently in atypical circumstances. The end game of our decisions are based on how we react to these situations.  Because I did not have my whole self clearly defined up until my early 50’s, the decisions I made were not always in the best interest of may well being either spiritually or in some other way. There are different theories about the self of an individual.  Understanding the factors, that affects the self of an individual through some understanding of the psyche and the spiritual, metaphysical self is very helpful and that has been journey in faith and life.

Desires play a huge part in our decision-making. In this competition fashioned world in which we find ourselves. Personally I am not a fan of over the top competitiveness and have also come to realize that lack of appreciation for blessing we do have and this wanting more and more  or life etc.. owe me is not very healthy.   There does need to be a balance of the mind and soul, which the soul is the core of self.  Often we struggle with that balance of heart, spirit and soul, faith and reason, but those balances are important in discerning and making decisions that are healthy. Many  struggle with balance, which sometimes and can become stressed and anxious.  Avoiding  emotional chaos is the key to balance. Failure to thrive for balance by navigating through your desires will only lead to serious or even grave degradation of oneís spirit and health. Desires in and of themselves, such as desire for recognition etc.. are not evil, or destructive, but it’s how we strive for, achieve them ec… that can be.  That needs to always be kept in mind, another of life’s lessons. Suffering only slows the healing processes. Self-healing evolves around processes, which we must navigate through to understand suppressed emotions and desires. The process of self-healing is not initiated via any external factors. It is not initiated through means of synthetic or artificial drugs, or medical procedures. Self-healing takes conscious effort on our part and seeking to synchronize and balance aspects of life is important. As frustrating as it might see, even with meditation etc.., our best healing agent is time. Debating the notion however, time can offer you some relief, yet it takes more than waiting to move toward healing the hidden self. We need self-control and confidence to work with time in order to reveal the hidden self.

The first goal is to move toward understanding self as we perceive it now. If we feel dismal  etc.. for example, we need to look at our thoughts, our  mind to understand these feelings of gloom. Only then, will we find answers and move to accept change. Change is a huge problem for many, simply because of fear of change. To overcome such gloomy feelings, we need understand his or her fears, our road blocks and for me it came from childhood issues, issues growing up.  It’s important to overcome any sort of inferiority complex issues, fears, et cetera. Quote: Whenever an inferiority complex problem exists, you will find a good cause. Find the cause of the problem and you can work through the complex issues. We need to address and release baggage from the subliminal mind and psyche. Anything that stumps our growth is interference should seek to understand. If we lack confidence, there are ways to claim that or re-claim that and for me active participation in community, in my faith community and meditation, study of metaphysics, and some study the psych have helped.   

Running away from our baggage etc.. is not the answer, neither is acting that out in impulsive etc..ways.  We need to balance healing and living day to day life as we go through process, and align heart, body, spirit and soul.  For me faith and object moral canvass help a lot, having that structure of wisdom that I can tap into helps me a great deal, and understanding myself better also helps.  Healing is a journey, a process, and should be in community to some extent and done so in a balanced and healthy way.