Difference Between Fear and Awareness

Twin Flame Connections Are Haunting and Amazing


I have been thinking about this and am realizing there is a difference between fear and awareness.  One is potentially toxic and negative, the other positive and productive.  

Some would say “fear” of walking alone in a dark isolated area and others such things is wise as it keeps you safe and yes to an extent it is.  However if that fear becomes so linear that you then wont even go out in as soon as it starts to get dark anywhere or even with friends, then the fear is toxic.  Fear is a negative and is much better replaced with awareness and wisdom, which don’t paralyze when the head and heart are combined.  What is awareness?  Awareness is akin to a combination of intuition and concrete knowledge.  If I am aware of the world around me in a peaceful and calm context, with faith and solid spiritual ground, then I can navigate it with wisdom.  I understand from wisdom, intuition and concrete knowledge of the risks that walking alone at night, in the dark of night in an area that is practically a ghost town is not wise.  If I have an event to go to that matters and I have to bypass such a location in the winter at night, I will have wisdom to go accompanied, maybe bring a taser or hairspray, a mini one in my bag to use should I need to use it.  However I don’t not to to that important event paralyzed by fear and all the horrible things that could happen to me on that street.  Same goes with life and love choices.  If I meditate to have my heart and head communicate, all levels of consciousness, along with as much information as I can gather, then I can be aware of the context for my decisions.  Once I am aware of the context of each choice and I have aligned both my head and my heart, I can make a choice.  It may also be that the choice is not immediately in my domain to make if circumstances of the other person, or company require shifting for me to even make any choice.  Even then I can decide if I want to wait around for person A to make his choice and come forward or decide that if person B comes along and I find synchronicity with that person, that other opportunity, I am taking it.  I am not waiting around for A to have the guts to come forward etc…  As long as I am making that choice in a state of awareness that I fully accept choice B, will be willing to make choice be work and work well for both of us, and what you would be giving up on by not waiting, but are okay with that, then okay.  If you are making choices out of pure fear or obligation or any such thing, it will end up being a very bitter pill for everyone.  Fear is about paralysis, thinking one might be in loss of control or is in loss of control, often very negative context, even one of “this whatever is not perfect”.  Newsflash, human equals not perfect, equals virtues and flaws, same with situations, choices.  No choice will be perfect, but if it is perfect for you to be happy heart body spirit and soul for the long term, then it is perfect.  

Awareness in the context of solid knowledge and peacefulness is a beautiful thing, really beautiful thing, acting on that in a way that honors your heart, body, spirit and soul for the long term bliss and fulfillment on many levels to our greater good and good of all, even better.  We should make that our aim for choices for awareness, for life and living.  

Namate, Shalom and Amen