Different Roles In My Life

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

Different people are meant to play different roles in our lives and that’s okay.

As I begin the week, I find my instincts are telling me this very clearly. It has to do with energies, alignments and all that. Different energies interact differently and thus different people are meant to play different roles in our lives. That is not a bad thing because we are meant to be happy, fulfilled beings, no martyrs, contrary to what some might be taught in this life.

In my life I have strong connection to different people and strong psychic connection to different people, and one is creative artistic like I am, the other is academic philosopher, which is also a side of me. I do feel strongly about both playing a role in my life, and I accept each for who they are, as I hope they accept me for who I am once they are fully part of my life. I do realize that each may have a different role to play, with one perhaps having strictly a platonic and creative collaborative role in my life, and the other a more intimate etc… role. Again, it’s not good or bad, just is. On a psychic intuitive level I have felt both their desperation to be free from different prisons and asking for prayer and help to achieve that freedom. I have prayed and helped them  equally, caring equally that all three should be set free from their prisons, chains etc… to have an amazing new life, as I wish for myself an amazing life. I will continue to pray meditate.  I would welcome them both into my life fully once they have a clear sense of what is in their heart, spirit and soul for the present and future, where they feel we can fit into each other’s lives.  I have my own sense of what role I think each might have in my life, but they each have free will, so I can only pray for them and live my life.  Che Sera Sera,

I look forward to each of these men being a part of my life as they are meant to be.