Difficult Is As You Make It.

mourning us

Life no doubt has its’ challenges, its’ moments of yikes and oy, but difficult is really as difficult as we determine it is.  Even a simple thank you, a phone call, an email, to a more complex debt settlement, or signing divorce papers, all of it, as difficult as we determine.  Why?  

A few  words:  fear, self esteem, ego, guilt synonyms for those can turn a thank you, an email, a phone call, even a fb chat, a simple thing, or a more complex thing, like working with a debt settlement firm, even filing for divorce, reaching a settlement, seem like a major task one just can’t bring one’s self to do.  When we make decisions or have reactions etc.. if we do so based on fear, or if we take no action based on fear or any of these, then we have created the difficulty where none exists really.  Nothing is ever impossible, insurmountable, there is nothing that when unhealthy can not be let go of, released etc…, and there is nothing that when positive, gives joy etc…can’t be wisely acknowledged.  That means one has to be free of fear and all those things that I said at the beginning and not everyone of us is there yet.  Not everyone can say they are at the point where they live from, speak from, perform from etc.. the heart and the spirit.  It can be a pretty scary place for a lot of us to operate from, and to embrace that life, that intensity in self and others can be really scary, but it means one is alive.  To let go of what is toxic in our current life and really embrace full joy, passion etc… is living, and yes life will still have difficulties, but I would rather have difficulties with a life that is lived 100% from the heart and spirit than one where that is closed off and I have fear based, guilt based, ego based etc…decisions going on.  

What do I do about those in my life who do live that way and I have a connection to, who can’t seem to embrace living from the heart etc…, or won’t and can’t reach out, or reach back due to erroneous guilt etc…?  Simple, be grateful for what they have inspired so far and in my heart, in my spirit, wish them well on the rest of their life’s journey, move on in total Agape love.  Namaste, Shalom and Amen.