Discerning The Path

The path to discovering what even one word given by the Lord can mean for your life can become a life journey.  Since I was 14 I kept seeing the word Ministry in front of my face as my path, but what did that mean?  Did that mean creating a formal nonprofit, a church building, what?  what type of ministry, and if prophetic, well how the heck would I go about that?

Well, though it has been a long journey to discern, well I realize now, this is my ministry, my blog, social media, reaching as many people as I can.  I thank the Lord for refining me with fire to be able to say, I am a sinner, I am imperfect, but I also know that though we are all as such, we all have access to Christ, Power of the Holy Spirit, Love of the Father to change those patterns that are unholy, destructive to self to those who care about us.  Yeah, I made some dumb choices, but I don’t have to.  If I can bring forward inspiration etc.. that transforms lives, I am grateful for the chance to do so in this ministry, this blog, poetry, song. 


I thank you for your following this blog and for any donations, you make to keep it going.