Discipline and Focus Fun? Yeah Possible



When you tell someone “Declutter, Focus, Streamline” you might get a cringe, a roll of the eyes, a look that says “boring” and it can be, but that depends.  I am realizing that now for myself.

As I think of recording meditations and spoken word projects to bring to you for this and my other blog, even the process of then mixing and mastering the pieces I could think boredom, but no because I love sharing with all of you, potentially making an impact for good.  Yes the process of recording different parts to a longer meditation then mixing the pieces then the music that part can be a bit tedious, same with any spoken word or songs that are a bit lengthy if I feel it is best to break them up in terms of recording then mix them together after.  Yet, still it is worth it because I love coaching, impacting, inspiring, even through the arts.  I realize I have to be consistent in recording material regularly, creating material regularly and that takes discipline and will take even more discipline down the line, but that’s okay.  It need not be boring if I love what I do and why I am doing it, in addition to it being my calling.  Then there is the potential project with the church that I hope to be  apart of the Arts and Education Program that has so much potential.  Again, like this garden here it will take landscaping and planning, which may not seem like fun and the practice time artistically, , research wise will be significant, but since I will enjoy I am certain the company I will keep during that time, then it won’t seem really like work, will it? 

The words declutter, discipline, focus, streamline all that, maturity don’t need to be negatives depending on the following:

  • Are you following your calling, true heart’s calling?
  • Are you enjoying the path you are on?
  • Are you enjoying quality of people not just quantity for the sake of quantity of people and activity?
  • Are you enjoying the key people you are making the streamlined focused journey with are will be making with?
  • Do you believe in it, in you, in them?

If the answer to these is yes, then no problem, you will not feel like you are caged in and you will be able to find joy, even in the midst of discipline.