Disconnect, Lack of Reaching Out

The Journey That is Life.

These two structured here represent what I think frustrates me a great deal about certain connections in life.  

As one reached out with what the Holy Spirit has given, as one reached out with friendship,  insights, I would be seeking to embrace it and them into my life not just professionally, but socially.  I would seek to so all I could to get to know them as a person, to find out what makes them tick, so to speak, about their lives.  I would seek to exchange ideas, viewpoints on any number of subjects, see what activities could be shared together and include them in that, in activities I were involved in, particularly if they were convenient to them in terms of location.  I would seek to have them know about me, though in my case all they have to do is listen to my songs,  read by poetry, read my blogs.  If I had any notion of wanting to collaborate in any significant way creatively or professionally long term, especially one on one then I would definitely do so.  I am not interested in a having many people in my life, of being acquainted with many people.  I am interested in a circle of people of quality within the professional and personal that I know inside out and know me inside out that we have similar views a similar faith base and yes we have interest in learning about other culture etc…, but we have a similar base of reference spiritually and philosophically in terms of politics etc…  I want us to know each other heart, spirit and soul, share activities, and so much more.  I am realizing I need to focus on quality even in my artistic path.  It is important to really get focused on the quality of projects etc…and who I collaborate with.  I want to collaborate with a few key people who are on the same page as me on a number of levels and who will seek to know me inside out and I will get to know them inside out.  I am not interested in superficial surface veneer kind of anything, much less collaborative relationships.  

I guess my greatest frustration is that I have reached out to persons I have made a connection to on psychic level, and want to have them as part of my creative circle etc…, but there has been zero effort made in return to really get to know me, something I have tried to reach out in many ways to do and also for collaboration to flourish.  I guess I have to determine when enough is enough reaching out, sharing what is in the heart, spirit and soul as shared with me by The Spirit.  That’s  not always an easy call because you wonder if you are giving up too soon, but at some point when you have reached out, sought to include people in your life to give them a chance to know you, really solidify the connection etc.. and they basically don’t, and when you have shared your work and no time can even be spared to read through to get to know you better, even many glean insight for their own lives, at some point you do have to just say “I tried, but you are not willing to unlock the door, so have a nice life” and walk away whether it is a professional collaboration or a personal relationship on one that has the potential to be a great combination of both.  At some point you have to stop wasting your time with people who are so locked up in their own world and their own stuff, or too much of a butterfly and honey bee to focus their energies to ever get to know you or let you get to really know them, sad as it might be to walk away.