Do You Go Lone Ranger? Oy!

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary

When you are coordinating just for your own gig, just you involved, you only have to coordinate with yourself and the heavens and no biggie.  If you have a pretty good idea what you want to coordinate, well you just do it, don’t dilly dally, you just do it.

However, when you are not coordinating just for you own personal gig, but rather for an institution and others are involved, they are not synergizing, not directly working to coordinate directly day to day, not providing info in an immediate timely manner, are like the honeybee here there everywhere, a million projects, not focused, not streamlined, you find yourself very frustrated in trying to get things done on your end.  You have tried talking to them, asked for relevant info etc.. over and over, have tried to get them focused, to closely coordinate things with you, see how crucial that is, but they are in fog land doing a million things and so nothing is done.  That leaves you in limbo potentially and frustrated, potentially your blood pressure rising.  What do you do?  You can’t just push people aside, not right, not if they have seniority and for any number of reasons, not right to that.  On the other hand if you really care about the institution, project etc… you want to get things planned, done etc…, so waiting on them to “get it”, get focused etc… could mean nothing gets done.  You have to figure out if you have the thick skin to stay and deal with butterfly and honeybee personality, how to deal with that if you are going to stay put.  You also have to decide if it may very well be necessary to go lone ranger, simply act of your own accord on things and hope for the best.  They may get upset that they are left out of the loop at any given point, that they were not part of the process, but to be part of the process, you have to be part of the process, up close and personal, in the trenches with the person coordinating and organizing.  You have to be very very very streamlined, focused, working out the PR, Plans, all of it.  It’s like a relationship, you can have feelings, like someone, but unless you express it, get in the trenches to spend time with them, discuss the sensitive stuff, faith, politics, get to know each other, even if you disagree, feelings don’t amount to much, action does.  As one seeks to work towards common goals, others have to be in total sync with you in terms of coordinating directly with you.  If they are not, if they are not providing the info quickly, in a very timely manner, well in advance for you to do what you seek and need to do, then you may have to go lone ranger to some extent and if they complain that they were left out of the loop, well there’s a reason, not because you wanted it to be the case.  If you have a mission, goals to accomplish for the good of the project, the institution, and others are not “getting it”. not directly coordinating in a timely manner etc…, you may have to go to some extent lone ranger.  The way it is when you deal with what I call butterfly and honeybee personalities that are all over the map and are trying to do a million things a the same time, bad idea, very very very bad idea.  If they choose to do that and put others in a position of huge frustration and having to go lone ranger, then they need to suck it up, tough luck.