Do or Don’t?


Tone, Pitch etc.. matter and with kids I am great at getting that right it seems, with adults, well I still have to work on it, as adults try my patience way too easily much more than kids to because adults ought to know better on stuff.  As a kid, you respond a lot to tone, body language etc.., we all do, even subconsciously.  If you have noticed affirmations is a tool regularly incorporated, in therapy, coaching.  Think about it, do you respond better when you are told what you can’t or must not do, or told what you can do? Usually, the second, so reinforcing with kids the good behaviors, though still discussing why we should treat others as we wish to be treated as the ethical norm, is a good way to approach overall parenting.  Granted, there will be situations where you have kids that are more difficult, and it could be issues occurring within the family dynamics that they are so frustrated with and can’t understand, process so it makes them act out, but I’ll talk about that this week also.  Over all, and even then, you want to stick to focus on reinforcing what kids should be doing that is ethical, that is with integrity etc.., get them on that road early on.  Hope this helps and Blessed Be.