Do We Adapt/Change Fundamentals?

Recently a gay priest said that we need to adapt the bible and change it as the times change, and in another story, a father lost the legal battle to keep his wife who had the egg via a donor from changing his gender, the child is 7 years old.  Let that sink in and the reason for her doing this and having him think he is a girl, one day at MsDonallds ihe plaid with a girl’s toy that he found in his Happy Meal.  UK imposing forced abortions, and decided stuff like cystic fibrosis our health care won’t pay for since ehhh, likely not going survive so why pay for you.  This and other stories got me to thinking about adapting, and as human beings, yes when tragedy strikes or we have an adversity we do need to adapt in order to move though it with sanity and well being.  

However, at what point is adapting to one’s whims detrimental for self and for others.  There is also scrpture and for those who are well aware of scripture and what it says, well there in a important principle here of objective truth and object morality.  In what way?  When we take social justice and warp it, or based on a child once playing with a toy or a young child says I think I want to be a girl make significant life altering changes, that is detrimental.  Scripture makes an important point about God and His objective boundaries etc… It says that God is the Alpha and Omega, He is the same for all eternity, that means His basic precepts etc. do not change.  The biological gender given to us is fixed, marriage as in Genesis, what that looks like is fixed.  It seems to me that humanity keeps trying to play God, be God, but we are not God.  

Society has truly spiraled downward this includes the embrace of Socialism, which some will try to justify as being what God wants because the early Church was socialist.  Yes, they did experiment with that and it did not bode well.  They basically bankrupted themselves and thus the Church, so then Paul and company had to around begging for funds.  Even though the early church tried it, stupidly so, it didn’t work.  If they had truly read the bible they would see that God gave riches and wealth, and there is even the story of the talents, where one buries the talents, and doesn’t invest to grow and expand the talents.  God has no issue with money and when people say money is the root of all evil, they are ignorant of the scripture or purposely misquoting because what is says is love of money, not money, meaning greed and excess to where money is your God is not acceptable to God.  

When people try to change the bible to suit their modern crap, change the fundamentals of God’s objective moral truths and objective truths, or misquote that is truly detrimental to society, so is the blame game, such as when nations want to blame all things on Imperialism.  Yeah you had nations ruling over you for a time, but at what point will you move your rear ends, take reasonability to create a true Democratic Capitalist thriving Republic?  East to play the blame game, try and twist God to suit our whims, lusts etc.., not so easy  to stick with the truths of scripture, but as I have learned it will truly bring peace.