Do You Understand?

When people say unconditional love, what the heck does that mean?  Does it mean we have to agree on everything, all the time, that one partner denies all they are to totally pump up the other, with nothing reciprocating?  No, and that is the lesson I was hard headed, have been hard headed to learn.  Unconditional love doesn’t seek to change the other, not to say you can’t be a positive influence on each other and encourage each other’s dreams, find ways to work as a team for that, you can, you should.  Unconditional love I am realizing does not mean you love me according to my checklist of things all the time, and such.  I don’t love you that way either.  Yes, basic decency in how you treat each other is crucial, but often we have a checklist and if they don’t meet the exact list 100%, if  they have a different viewpoint on things, though we love them, we may not love something about them and decide that since we can’t agree on this “big thing”, liberal or conservative that it can’t be, can’t work, and we sabotage it.  We need to realize that no one will love us exactly as we think it should happen, and same with us and them.  We need to keep communications open, positive in terms of how we communicate and as hard as I know it is, and I know, as the only Conservative in a family of liberals and anti-Israel family, it is, if we are going to be in a union of a lime time on any level we have to learn to see where they are coming from and why.  Sometimes the intention is noble so to speak, but we may not see eye to eye on how to get there, and why the other feels that way.  We need to understand that, even if we vehemently disagree.  If we understand the Creator, Creation being one soul, and seek to understand truly what the purpose of hearts spirit and soul is of the Creator who created all things, that love where prayer may not be answered if it is not to our greater good and all that jazz, how the Creator loves us even when we screw up, even if He mandates we take responsibility, though there is forgiveness, healing possible.  In any relationship, it is the same , though not an easy road.  Rather than a lengthy list of how to be loved by them and such that is never ending, how about we love ourselves first as children of an amazing Creator and then we figure on basic decency in how we treat the other, includes dating, spouses, kids, parents, and work from there very organically, with very healthy communication?  I think it might just work, and I plan giving it a shot.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen