Doing What Needs Doing

Holy Ghost

I find that the Holy Spirit speaks often to me, gives me flash of insights as to what to do, as to possibilities for different situations etc.. and I then have one that I sense is the best option based on long term goals and keeping alignment to my faith.

I see where my parish is, am given a strong sense of what it urgently needs, and as concerned parishioner, as well as music coordinator, artist etc… I realize fundraising is the first thing we need and that well organized concerts several times a year can help with that.  We have monthly concerts, but they haven’t rendered fruit, so I decided when asked to manage them this summer, to reach out and try to find artists that would donate their time for us to do a benefit concert.  The director of the Downtown and Select Chorus at BMCC reached out and offered to put on a concert, show for us and provided dates in August they were available, the 9th and now has offered the 16th.  I am not the producer, and not the program director, so I knew I had to have him okay it and all that so I presented the first date option, but no response back, and to hire artists, well the cost is not not feasible.  Frustrated I reached out to the Downtown Chorus director again to ask if there was any other date and they presented now the 16th of August as an option.  This is where the taking the bull by the horns comes in, and where I had to decide that priority was what the parish, what the church needed and I had to go ahead and say yes.  I explained in a message to the producer why I did so, how it would be nuts and foolish to turn down this offer, that they would be long term partners we could work with artistically.  

I realize this could create friction, they might feel I am being pushy, but that’s not it, not about being pushy.  It’s about seeing what need to happen for the sake of the organization, the greater good, doing it, even if it means people are temporarily pissed off at me.  I can only pray that they realize I did was done for the sake of the big picture.  I care very deeply for my Catholic faith and Italian cultural heritage, for this parish, so when this opportunity came up to do something that could benefit it, I had to grab hold of it, couldn’t wait around for endless contemplation before deciding, I had to act and act fast.  Is this something I want to see repeated where I have to make these snap grab hold decisions and repeated often? No, but I also am determined to help save this parish, so if that means I have to push a bit, make in the moment decisions all that jazz, then I will.  If that is what the Spirit leads me to do, then so be it.  If that means people are temporarily pissed, okay.  As long as I am doing what the Holy Spirit is guiding me to then that is what matters most.  I am taking the bull by the horns, organizing benefit concerts, High Mass, whatever it takes in the context of the liturgy and such to make this church thrive, share the beauty of the faith.  All I can do is pray it is understood in that way, context, not in any way as me trying to be pushy or anything like that.