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Supporting the Blog and Artistic, Spiritual Unity Projects


I have had some ask why there is no donation button, as they would be interesting in supporting this blog, and I thank you so much for that.  I would love to offer my songs and all my material strictly on youtube and on this blog to the public by donation, so if you are benefiting from the insights on this blog and if you visit my youtube channel:

you may donate via paypal using the following email:  The donations will be used to upgrade this blog to be able to post media, and to produce, mix, master quality recordings of songs, spoken word and even meditation products to offer to the public, strictly on a donation basis, and if it’s okay with you a portion to go to Dysautonomia and Fibromyaglia research as well.

I wish to earn a living as an artist, but I am not looking to be a hollywood icon or anything like that really.  I just wish to do what I love to do, to write, to share and make a difference so I hope you will contribute to that endeavor and you find what I put forth useful to your day to day life.

Again, you may donate via paypal using the following email:

Shalom and Amen