Don’t Moan, Groan, Change It

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.


I had a dream last night, three dreams, but were interconnected, and were regarding an artist I know.  It was mixed in terms of good and not so good.  As an intuitive and empath, having a strong connection as I do to him, I pick up what is going on with him at regular intervals.  Here is the thing, you might might find yourself reflected in this and in the past I would have found myself reflected in this in some way.  

In the dream he does not look quite himself and he says he wants to talk to me, and that it an improvement, opening up, and he has become more loose and opened up, even in his performances, which is great, awesome, important for an artist.  He then proceeds to moan the fact of what he lacks though he has the looks and the voice.  As much as I care about him, my instinct was to want to smack him silly.    Then I just walked off, and then he was on a couch and put an anesthetic gel to his nose to numb himself, which made me want to smack him silly even more.  Why was I so annoyed etc…?  A few reasons actually.  First of all, you can’t keep doing the same types of things in your life, career and expect different results, which is what he has been doing, and what a lot of us do, then blame everything and everyone else for why our lives are not what we want them to be or how we want to them to be.  With all his talents, all the material he has written, all his ideas that I sense he has scribbled on notepads, he continues do the same kinds of things he has done for years and years, but expecting different results.  That’s not too wise is it?  Secondly, support etc.. was offered to him to make changes from what he has been doing, so he could turn things around and shine his full self and potential to the world, but he was too scared or tied to whatever old school mindset etc… he was tied to to accept it, even in pure sincere friendship.  His physic consciousness connected to my psychic consciousness to moan about how he does not have the life he wants to have, but he keeps doing the same things, won’t make changes, move in different circles etc…, see himself as beyond that, so he can move beyond the box he is in.  It really annoyed me that he was moaning etc… when he had the opportunity and support right in front of him to make changes to his life, when he was in charge of his life, of changing it, finding ways to change it, but not doing so.  If he wants a different life, he can have it, both personal and professional, but he has to do the work to change it, make the moves to change it, embrace the support etc… of those who believe in him to work with him, to change it.  That is true of him, of me, of any of us.

I  find this also true of us as a society, and in general.  We keep looking to institutions, to government, to politicians to change things, to bring jobs, prosperity etc…, to solve the problem of violence.  Not to say that government should not do all it can with low taxes, and in other ways stimulate the growth of business or have smart laws for security, but in general it should be the private sector, the communities, the faith institutions, family that should be titanium solid and strong to make a nation one of solid moral fiber, of entrepreneurship etc…to encourage talent, make sure that talent gets applied well.  It is also up to the individual to discern those talents and make use of them for his or her sustenance and greater good of society.  When we don’t like how our community etc… looks, instead of going to a politician to fix it, how about we go to ourselves, our community, our faith community to work in tandem to change whatever has to be changed? How about instead of BLM crap and division and moaning, bitching etc… everyone work to stop crime, single parent homes, gang activity etc…, and we stimulate business, entrepreneurship and the arts all over this land?  No moaning, groaning, no rioting, no BLM crap, real take charge, empowerment of the community and individuals, not looking anymore to government to solve anything.  Time as communities, individuals and a society, we took charge.

 Namaste, Shalom and Amen