Don’t Quit

As kids we are often read fairy tales and they are comforting, but if one reads the actual original texts of these tales they were not written as all sugar and sweet and everything turns out nice.  Life is roses and thorns, we don’t always have the foresight to know when the thorn is coming up.  Then again, with Holy Spirit discernment and a little common sense, seeing patterns etc… we can, but we may choose to ignore them.  Whatever the case, it is not the pain or struggle that is important per se, but rather, what did we learn?  Did it make us more discerning, more reflective, more in line with truths of Scripture in how we live our lives, etc..?  Did we come out stronger in faith, hope, etc…?  It’s really important how we make the journey through the storm, not that there is a storm, and how we come out of it.  If we come out weaker, hating God, etc…, bitter then we didn’t learn anything.  If we become less Godly or decided to abandon all faith, all clear moral precepts then we learned the wrong lessons.  If we become even more impulsive and reckless, again the wrong lesson learned. How we make the journey, what we learn and how we come out is what matters, especially in a crisis.

I am again reminded of the dream I had that I discussed in the previous post.  For me this Coronavirus made me stronger, stronger in the faith, more determined to speak up against all sin, be a much better steward of things in my life.


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