Don’t Quit

Life is one of twists and turns, mountains and valleys, calm seas and stormy seas.   When we have prayed, meditated, discerned what-what we are meant to be, do as God intended we do, it’s great, awesome.  That doesn’t mean necessarily it’s smooth sailing, and there are any number of reasons. One of those is stuff around us, stuff that happens with other people connected to the goals etc.. that we have no control over.  There might be health stuff that crops up and causes delay, or we are so anxious to achieve we are like a bull in a china shop, go full force ahead not fully discerning the steps to be taken etc.. and then boom we hit walls.  Does that mean we give up? No, we may have to adjust, adapt the roadmap, take a slightly different route etc.., so long as we are being ethical etc… no problem.  If getting to our destination takes longer, it takes longer. 

Having said that, if we have done everything with solid planning etc.. and nothing is happening, we have a goal, an obsession and no matter what we do nothing seems to move it forward, then we might not be discerning rightly what our true path is, and we may need to step back and re-evaluate.  If someone feels deep in their heart, spirit and soul that their calling is the arts, to be creative, do creative work, awesome, but then we have to discern are me meant to be in the front and center spotlight or behind the scenes with that calling.  A calling to something no matter how strong still needs discernment and discipline, which for us humans can be hard, but it is important. May we all find our true path and discern it well, discern it wisely. 

Shalom and Amen