Don’t Want To Be Protected

The Journey That is Life.

There are times when people want to protect themselves and others if they are going through a rough patch and I can understand that.  As an intuitive and empath I can sense when someone I have connection to is going through stuff and caring I want to be there see them through.  It’s tough when they are not allowing me in and that being a reason.

I thought about it and asked myself if I wanted to be protected from a vindictive third party or the situation etc.., if that was the reason they were not letting me into their lives, though I sense they want to very much.  If I were running on survival instinct vibrations, fear vibrations, were not one tough cookie having had to navigate fibromyalgia and all the crap that entails, I might say yes I want to be protected and out of sight until they sort it out fully.  Since that is not the case, I have to say no.  I don’t want to be protected.  I want to be there for them every step of the way, ease their tensions, their frustrations, be a sounding board for all their frustrations, maybe even a nice shoulder massage.  I want to be there for them and with them through the good, the bad etc…  I want to share in the creative, in the day to day, in all that makes their life their life, and I want to share with them what makes my life my life, including my work with Hadassah, the Jewish roots of Christ that I love being a part of, as well as our shared heritage.  I want to share all of it with them, even my fibro frustrations.  That is what I hope, pray for, as I do feel strongly connected to them, did the moment we met.  I sense they are going through a rough time, ending a chapter of their life.  I wish I could be there for them, help see them through as they navigate this ocean with lots of angry waves I sense coming at them.  I can only do what they allow me to do and if they allow me in.  For now all I can do is meditate, pray and visualize that they will let me in and let me be their rock, be there for them, and I do hope that we will be able at some point to share a lot of great things, a lot.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen