Dreaming of Christmas Yet to Come

Red and White, Beauty, Simplicity


Tonight the Eve of Christmas we will gather all together,

We will gather in a sea of and a crowd of voices,

And most likely rather than just kin, as it should be,

There will also be a myriad of acquaintances and friends,

Not enough chairs, so some will be left standing, plate in hand.

As I look at this photo, I dream of Christmas yet to be,

But what might that Christmas look like to me?


As I dream of Chrismas yet to be,

I dream of the Christ Child the center of all for you and me. 

I dream of quiet elegance, of quiet and peace, and a spiritual journey,

A time when yes there is music and good food, but in quiet reflection to. 

I do not envision a crowd, standing room only, plate in hand, 

Nothing but silly chatter all night long.


As I dream of Christmas yet to be, 

I dream of the holiday on retreat, a retreat of heart, body spirit and soul,

A retreat of reflection, joy, and introspection on the Reason for the Season,

I dream of quiet elegance as I dream of Christmas yet to be.