During the Toughest Times

Often when people leave our lives, friendships end, relationships end, especially during or right after a rough time, it can be hurtful, but rather that focus on who isn’t around, best to focus on who is around, who sticks with us through thick and thin.  We should be committed to focusing on the good, the positive, not to say we won’t be hurt by events and things that happen, but we should  appreciate what is present in our life, the people who love us, have expressed that.  We can even appreciate those in whose heart perhaps we have long remained, even those we might not agree with on every point, as regards worldview, though not present in our day to day lives.  We must realize that not everyone can, will appreciate our range of gifts, talents etc…, even our worldview, nor will we always appreciate theirs, but we can strive to, be better at it, get better at it. 

Namate, Shalom and Amen