Easter Sunday Rolls Around Where’s The Recognition?

light of Christ in the darkness with lightning

It’s three days later, the ladies go to the tomb, some of the Mary’s and guards asleep, out cold,  no Jesus, so where’s Jesus?

First, his mom wasn’t there, something I had always assumed to be the case, but she wasn’t.  She was not it seems one of the women who went to anoint the body, but Mary of Magdala whom Jesus had healed of the seven demons, possibly, multiple personalities, was.  They get there and stone rolled back and no Jesus, and when he does appear before one of the ladies she doesn’t even recognize him though he had been among them for so long, not until he calls her name.   A few things, if the Romans didn’t think he was such a threat why guard his tomb?  It would have taken a group of men to coordinate moving the stone, getting the body out etc..,, so they had to be thinking, the High Priests had to be thinking something more than that for the sealed tomb to be under guard.  Then you have the non recognition of Jesus, even when the men went after the women went to tell them of the empty tomb, they see it open.  They first think that someone stole the body.  Jesus had said the temple, him, if torn down would be built up again in three days.  Peter had had the revelation he was The Christ, Son of God, and the woman at the well who then told others.  Yet, none of this seemed to sink in, or penetrate, something we can be all too familiar with.  I had been totally oblivious to the fact that his mother was not one of the women at the tomb when the body was discovered “missing”.  How often do we go looking for Christ, for God, and if we don’t get a head rush like when you drink a cold drink suddenly, or if there is not an agreement from the pastor etc.. that endorses our point of view, do we think he is not there?  Do we look for Christ only when we are looking for a social network, a network of friends, or in our own prayerful hearts?  These are questions I am having to look at myself and have to periodically ask myself.

The answers are not always so simple and with today’s crazy world, society, our own issues, complex families, also competing with the bunny, all that, nothing is ever simple, but Jesus had told them, he had been with them, likely grew up amongst them, their dad was the carpenter of the town, not like they were not known in town.  With all that, the revelation to Peter, his miracles everything, they still had the initial reaction of, the body was stolen and must be the gardner guy, oh yeah, okay.  It is any surprise that we have a hard time seeing Christ in our convoluted world and that our young people when going through socialist, communist mindset academia have a hard time holding on to and seeing Christ in their lives?  Not really, so it is important to remain engaged in church life, in spiritual life, and maintain dialogue within ourselves, with the sacred text, with others strong in the faith and our youth.  Yes he has risen, but he can still be missed if we are not careful.