Ego or Spirit

The Ego or the Spirit, which speaks to us?  The Ego basically says, when we get everything we want, the way we want it, when we want it, then we will find peace and be okay with God and the world.  It says my appetites are the center of it all, what I want and desire if not given and as I want it given means there is no peace, no love, nothing.  The Ego only wants and wants and wants, is a continuous temper tantrum.  The Spirit, on the other hand, finds peace in spite of the Ego clamoring and having temper tantrums.  The Spirit is matured, understands that it is not all about me me me, about instant gratification etc.. It understands the need for focus, some level of self-discipline and having a calm, peace that is constant, unwavering in the sunshine and in storms.  I am learning to live more fully in the Spirit, find my way home to the path the Creator has in mind for me. 

 It’s a beautiful thing.  Namaste, Shalom and Amen