Embracing Mary, Embracing Me


As I listened to this, something about it struck a cord, and at first I was not sure why.  Mary was given a path, was asked to follow a path, mother of Messiah, and that was no easy task.  In life each of us is given gifts, and the road to discovering those gifts and then accepting the path we are here to follow, doing so in a way that is balanced, in wellness, authenticity to self, not being what others want us to be, what we think we are etc.., but to be what we are meant to be in God’s eyes is one heck of a journey.   I always knew I was here to be an artist to create, write, produce all of that, and to do so in the spiritual realm, in some way, some form.  It was scary and even though I got standing ovations at ammeter nights, did well at poetry readings, professionally being a performing artist, recording artist etc.., ministering through the arts, teaching through the arts, that was way scary, up till recently and now, well not scary, not really.  When you realize God wouldn’t give you a path that he didn’t know you could follow and when you find the right person/s to walk the path with you, then Ave Maria, AMen and Hallellujia.  Yes, the initial reaction might be “huh, WTH?” Once you get over that, the next thing is “okay Lord, let’s rock and rock!!!!” It’s pretty cool, pretty amazing how peaceful, yet exciting it is when you make that choice to “rock and roll” for the path he has placed in front of you, even more so when you have great people with you making this journey.