Emotional Expression

For a lot of people expression of emotions, especially the not so PC ones, or negative ones, and especially if you are at a young age, can be scary, and for guys emotions and full range of expression is not so easy.  Expression of emotions comes more easily to women, so how can art, drawing etc.. be helpful.  One way is to have people create an Emotions Wheel.  This is an example of one and of course when you present it, nothing is filled in and then the person can fill in each piece of the pie with artwork to depict what that feeling feels like, they get a blank wheel, and one can then give a list of emotions and whatever they are feeling that is what they put into on the wheel and draw into.  You can also slice the pie into the emotions you feel that person or group might be dealing with and they just fill in the art work, then you can discuss it, or if a group they can pair up, share with each other.  Then you want to make sure you also discuss ways of coping with any of the negative ones and encourage the positive ones, how to reinforce those.  These wheels along with the arts can be a valuable tool in the expression of emotions.  I am going to create an awareness of self, emotions meditation, short one and post it here, so you can listen to that before this wheel exercise.  Be on the lookout.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen