Emotional Responses in Healing

Healing is a great way to alter emotional responses such as anger, resentment or other negative responses to persons or even situations.  The human experience is like a garden, had a range of fauna etc.., including weeds that can strangle the good flowers etc…Why is that and what do emotions have to do with anything?.

Our emotions react to things we harbor in our mind, such as anger, fear, resentment, doubt, etc…. All these negative emotions build up, so we can react in according to those emotions, which can determine how we see things. In other words, what we perceive also plays a part in how our emotions will respond.  If I perceive myself as a victim because of childhood stuff, the fibromyalgia etc.., then my whole life will be lived from that perspective, that feeling of victimization. 

We can manage emotional responses and heal the hidden self.  That means  we have to understand, the brain – and how it functions.

The brain has certain natural functions, which make up three parts. The parts make up the top, middle and lower region, which is an over simplification but it’s a general way to view our brain.. The natural functions of the brain keep our lungs and blood functioning properly.  Therefore, key to understanding the brain is to realize that your power of mind only expands with use. By setting a goal to learn something new each day, you can expand your mind, grow and also work through self-healing.Just like our body, our brain needs exercise. I love writing, watching the history channel, and different channels where I can learn about different thing and even cultures   I also like to work with adult coloring books, do word find puzzles.  If we don’t exercise the brain, it’ll waste away. When the brain wastes away, it becomes harder each day to manage the emotions. By exercising the brain daily we can expand the brain, expand our growth and work toward healing the hidden self.

Our brain develops just as we do. Each time this area of our body develops, it creates myelin, which surrounds the nerve fibers in the brain. Myelin can develop into Demyelination, which causes an interruption to the pathological process. This acts as an insulting source, and myelin insulates the nerve fibers to prevent damage. When Demyelination develops, it has to function properly to assist myelin and its structure, or it can lead to weakness or loss of brain functions.  This is whykeeping the brain active is the key to healing the hidden self. Of course, we need to explore the subliminal mind to find answers to the many problems we may have, but ultimately, keeping the brain active is essential for healing the hidden self.

Experts have proven that once the topic nerves are destroyed in the brain area, the cells in the brain surrounding the visual environment will remain undeveloped, so the brain must mature in order to assist us with self-healing and development.  Our perceptions play a chief role in how we perceive. In addition, when our perceptions are flawed, it often leads to emotional responses that mess up our lives. For many number of reasons, we want to make sure that we keep the brain active each day to avoid interrupting the optical nerves and brain cells.  Also, when myelin is lacking production that comes from natural resources, such as keeping the brain active, thus it can affect our memory. Babies for example find it difficult to recall anything during this time, especially once they have grown up. This is because an infant has a lesser myelin production than the adult does. Thus, by keeping the brain active, we encourage a healthy mind, ultimately complete consciousness.

It doesn’t matter what aspects of our being we focus on for healing the hidden self. The fact is every, single thing that occurs in our life, the brain is the prime minister of functions that determine our faith, future, et cetera. Our personality is also considered by evaluating your brain. What our brain pushes, our personality will become. The key is to remember, we have the power within to take control of your life.

We need to keep our brain healthy by keeping the brain active each day.