Emotionally Unavailable

This pandemic in some ways united families, but it might also have brought to our attention where there is a crack in the wall, made some realize their parents have not been emotionally available.  It could be that when one is damaged by one’s own life, has not healed, they can’t be there for their kids.  That can leave their kids with scars, so what can one do if one’s parents were not there for them, and are about to have kids, want kids, have kids?  First one should heal from one’s own life scars, should do their best to do so even if they already have kids, while the kids are young.  These are some tips for healing from such a situation, challenge.  I also urge that one not hate those who were not there for us, but pray for them to heal, come to an understanding of their own scars and heal them.  Jesus on the cross said “forgive them, for they know not what they do”  and when one is scarred, hurt etc..one may not even realize they are hurting others.  Not to say we shouldn’t be aware of the scars tc.., but remember that in a person’s scars, pain they may not have a clear mind and heart, need lots of prayer.