Envisioning Gives Energy

Inspiration Peace and Love

In a number of spiritual traditions prayer, contemplation is a vital part of it.    Envisioning is, as is prayer about energy as much as it is connecting.  It is the nurturing of the seed, so if you nurture and contemplate helplessness etc.., you nurture that.  I have been really working on clarifying the vision for my personal and vocational life.  I am also leaving room for some flexibility of course after all, life is a journey with variables.  

My personal life is moving along nicely with involvement in the organizations that mean a lot to me.   I like the people that are part of them and they share my heritage in terms of OSIA, and my love of Israel and belief in Israel in terms of Hadassah.  in this area, I am quite pleased.  I also hope I can start to organize events myself for my Italians United group and expand my circle.  I am envisioning my life focused here and on expanding of friendships.  

Soulmate and romantic partner.  I have always had this hope that the person that would share my life, would also have a love of Israel, at least an appreciation and understanding of the importance of it in the world etc…, share overall conservative values, including political ones, perhaps even be a partner in the creative sense.  There would be great chemistry that we would share in so many ways.  It would really be a partnership in every way possible.  I envision perhaps that it starts off creatively and then personal, or in the midst of a conversation about the creative, collaboration as artists, or in some way, they let their feelings be known and it all just then flows from there.  I truly have been envisioning the person I hope will be the one who comes forward being in my life and a partnership that is a full bodied partnership, where solid friendship is the basis, as much common ground as possible philosophically….I am hoping that what I envision in this area of my life comes to be soon, very soon and it begins an amazing journey, life long one.  

My vocational path. I have often been told I am a writer and a teacher, strong gifts of intuition.  How do I combine all that?  How do I do that to impact, inspire etc..?  This blog and songs, meditations.  Often we think we have to do major stuff, or that to change things we have to be a big political figure etc…If we figure out what our God given talents are, and we work with those we can often impact in a series of small ways, or steady ways.  I hope to build things up steadily online to offline events I create.   My hope is that my path will be one that through writing and singing will inspire and so much more, and also pay the bills of course.  That’s my hope, my vision.

 Namaste, Shalom and Amen