Everyone Can Teach You Something

We Learn From Everyone.jpg

Some will teaching what to do in life, how to be wise, and some will teach you what not to do, what it means to be dumb and foolish. Since we are not perfect, we are a mix of emotion and intellect, both are going to be people we come across in life. Both have value.  Observing how one person’s behavior is destructive, self destructive is important and hopefully we don’t do the same, and doing the opposite in one whose behavior is constructive on different or a number of levels including and especially spiritually is important.    Don’t just look at those with positive behavior, also look at what you can learn from those with negative behavior, they can also teach you, teach you what not to do.  For example the Bible talks of people being Stiff Necked, stubborn had to have it their way, live it their way etc… and his precepts, way of things, guidance be damned, well didn’t bode well for them.  Stiff necked with God, or even with people who have wise profound life and spiritual wisdom, not a good idea, at least listen, meditate on what is said. Let yourself learn from others what you should and should not do or how to and not to behave, positive and negative patterns.

Shalom and Amen

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