Expectation Knocking

Expectations, here you are again, knocking at my door,

Knocking ever so gently, yet ever so powerfully.

Expectations, here you are again, knocking at my door,

Yet, as I have grown and learned that expectations can be wonderful gifts,

If embraced in proper measure, without extremes, without Disneyland and rose colored glasses.  

What then is my expectation as I ponder our coming together once again?

It is not Disneyland, nor am I wearing rose colored glasses,

So do I expect total honesty, sugar and spice and truth, nothing but the truth?

Sorry darlin, but in the case of you, of us,

Probably not, history tells me to be cautious, only believe what I can see,

What I can see in black and white, on paper white.

Expectation of charm, since in that my darling you abound,

That expectation I have plenty of, but what will charm avail me if there is no truth,

And will it avail me if there is no true commitment?

I expect love to flow, and who knows what more, but truth and commitment,

That expectation, I keep quite low, for my own protection of heart and soul.

Expectation comes knocking at the door, 

I answer, but with tempered response, and very faint hope for truth and commitment,

Now or in the future.

I hope I am proven wrong, but for my own protection,

Expectation, I keep you at a minimum, hope you understand.