Expectations Too High?

The Journey That is Life.

When it comes to connections, as an overall empath, intuitive and of the spirit, heart on the sleeve channeling poet, songwriter, lyricist when I connect to someone I can connect sudden and strong, very strong, hit like a ton of bricks strong.   That can be complex on both ends of the connection.    

When the connection happens, I jump right off the cliff, full faith that the parachute will open and all will be awesome right away, full embrace, no song and dance, just jump right in.  I jump right in extending friendship, sharing what I sense everything about everything, including the other person’s full potential, problems I am picking on, transitions in their life, all of it, full throttle, no holding back, heart on my sleeve, shoot from the hip.  I have no problem with it, nudging, encouraging the other person, really pushing them a bit to get out of the box, jump off the cliff, trust the parachute to open, take control of destiny, be bold, come on, as a friend, and extending pure Agape Love Friendship through and through, really wanting to be there from the moment that connection is made for that person through thick and thin, hope they will do the same for me.  However, I forget one thing, the other person is not me.  They may not be an empath, an intuitive, an extrovert, of the spirit, heart on the sleeve, shoot from the hip etc… and this may be very overwhelming for them.  My expectations, all these expectations early on may be too much, too soon, too overwhelming for the other person.  Also they may have stuff that if I sense they are trying to sort out in life and me trying to ram my way in was not what they needed, so rather than bring the connection to unity, I may have pushed it away.  It may not have been intentional, but in my heart on my sleeve etc.. from the potency of the connection on a psychic etc… level just didn’t realize.  I also in my really wanting to have them see all their dreams etc… come to fruition and be their biggest cheerleader may not have realized there were things they needed to get out of first, sort out in their own head, heart etc.. first.   As the poem in the Bible says, to everything there is a time and purpose under the heavens.  I have to trust that if this connection so strong, so powerful was made, with so much in common, including what seems to be worldview, then it will come to fruition in some form or others most solid.  If I did push to far, too fast, my error and I am sorry for that, truly and I do hope with the right timing etc… we will be a beautiful solid part of each other’s life encouraging, inspiring.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen