Exploring Emotions

Emotions and Meaning

Life lessons are great and important, but what about the emotions that go with those life lessons and experiences.  As someone who deals with fibromyalgia, who is the a product of divorced parents and it was not amicable by any means the divorce, has had to work through self esteem issues and release the past stuff, I am greatly interested in understanding what role emotions play.    Despair, a dark place to be in and most doctors will have you pop a pill, if it’s really bad go see a shrink, and be in therapy for years and years, while you pop pills.  I am not knocking medicine or therapy, but I do think our society, especially the US, we put a band aid, we try to run o meds as soon as we have an issue with our health, rather than getting to the root cause the spiritual, emotional and energetic cause of what is going on.  Even getting to that we make it such a long and winding road, when it often doesn’t need to be, and the medical profession will create disorders and meds for disorders blowing them up into something medical when it’s not really medical, not at the core.  Despair comes from lack of meaning in life, it comes from a place of feeling that your life, that you make no contribution to society, to family, to anything, that you are a waste of space, that everything you do, are is poison, that you are worthless to society, to God, to everyone. If we want to get out of despair or bring people out of that, then there has to be an understanding that every life has value.  I was watching the Japanese channel on cable and a woman in Cambodia who has a disability created an organization and through the arts has helped people with disability understand they are of great value and helped society understand these people all have something to offer our society, they are not a waste, so rather than be in despair, be seen as a curse, a burden they are flourishing.   Before many would have thought of suicide, but all they needed was to belong to know that whatever disability, suffering was going on in their lives, they were not alone, they were cherished, loved, appreciated and they could contribute.  We all need to feel loved, cherished and to contribute.  Even when the Church, the Synagogue etc.. have a duty to speak truth about what is sin and the consequences of that, they can still let the person know that they are loved, cherished, even if the life they live can not be. 

Shalom and Amen