Faith, Even Anger Require Reasoning

Christ Consciousness

The faith community is often times divided as is the non faith community, be it academia, politics etc.., whatever the faction, and the division it seems is the battle between emotion and reason, faith and reason, heart and mind.  However, what is so sad is that we think there has to be a choice.  Perhaps this is why I don’t quite fit into any particular group, faith group.

I have a strong intuitive sense that I will follow more often than not, but I also have a strong sense of reasoning things out even when following that strong intuition and receiving information through my dreams that 99% of the time is on target in regards to myself, my life, my kin, friends and even world stuff.  I am a strong believer in mediation, the power of music, of vibrational music to change the mood, bring about peace and clarity, and as a form of prayer. I understand the chemical effects that music and vibration can have on the body and the mind, so I have a combined spiritual appreciation, but also logical approach and understanding.  This also then applies to politics, to parenting, to all aspects of life, even to faith, to religion.  Politically, I understand the ambition of wanting to have a long career in office and the temptation to kiss tukkus and do whatever you have to to gain the votes for your party and you to stay in office, it also means you have no credibility as a human being of integrity.  If means you have no respect for your country, the laws, the letter of the law of the Constitution, for God and Country, for National Sovereignty.  From the point of view of I want my party to win and I want my career to be a long one, to stay on the thrown forever, natural human response I suppose, but from the view of responsible citizenship and civics, betrayal of the trust placed in you as a fellow citizen to do what is best for the fiscal, social health of the nation.  Whatever decisions you make politically have to be in the context of the forrest and the trees, not just the forrest, not just the individual trees, but both, hard as that may seem.  Faith, spirituality, same thing.  God, creator, angelic being that assist, all of that is not without logic, but if all you do is pray and take no action yourself, that is not logical, for God gave free will, a physical body to act with, so prayer, meditation are meant to guide us to constructive inspiration and inspired action.   With everything we do there needs to be a balancing, even with meditation and creativity, if you lose yourself all day in the meditative, even creative state you can lose all touch with physical reality, so you have to balance these things with connection to nature, to the physical world, to engaging with the physical world.  Correcting injustice also requires constructive reasoning, which is why God says vengeance is mine because he understands that if we act on impulse the consequences to us, to our family etc.. can be truly devastating, even to our very own salvation, so he doesn’t want that for us.  Thus, as with anything in life, balance.