Faith In a Nutshell

Religion has a lot to say about the Creator and Faith, and it can get pretty intricate, but I wanted to see if I could put in it in a nutshell and I think this pin does. 

Accept what is, that might to some seem like a crazy part of faith, but really it is not.  Part  of faith is being able to stand in the moment and say, this is what is going on now and the circumstances I have to work with and in, so that is what I am going to do and learn what I can, become a better person for it.  I am going to trust that this will turn out for good somehow, and I am able to step back and be in the moment each moment and find clarity.  Not saying it is easy, it’s a process, but it is part of the faith process.  Let go of what was, well yeah, because if you live obsessed with the what if of everything or walling in the why and why me, you will be in a state of permanent paralysis.  Newsflash, you are no more special than anyone, neither am I in the sense that none of us is spared from life throwing crap at us at some point.  Is it fun, do we like it, want it, is it always our doing?  No, though sometimes, maybe more than sometimes, it is.  Whatever the case, whether it’s our doing or not, what was, was, opportunities lost, can’t be always re-gained.  The best thing is to focus on the here and now and what goals can be achieved in the future, for the future.  Have faith in what will be and that is about having faith in your gifts, talents etc.., your God given gifts, talents etc…and if you can master the first and second, then this one will be a breeze, pretty much.  Yes, for those of us that are spiritual, very philosophical, faith is about God, ad all of that jazz, but I didn’t want to get too complex and theological, so I thought this sums it up quite nicely. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen.