Faith is About Trust

There are times when life does test the faith, no doubt, so what do you do?  People often don’t get what the “sin” was in the Garden of Eden, they assume it was a sexual sin that humanity committed that cut off the flow of connection with the Creator.  However, not so, the “sin” was not having faith in the wisdom and guidance of the Holy, Sacred, Divine, The Creator of all things on heaven and earth.  When humanity decided they knew better than The Creator, didn’t need divine guidance or intervention, well they got cut off.  Why?  simple, free will.  A choice was made and it was to follow human wisdom etc.., reject the holy, sacred, divine, and when that happens, well, it can be pretty sad and tragic.  How does one maintain that connection?  

Participating in a spiritual community that offers correct teachings is a good way to do it.  What if you are someone who is not ready to be a member of a community as such?  This prayer morning and maybe even in the evening or middle of the day if one gets stuck with life or what is going on and is unsure what to do.  Sacred classical music, harp music and quiet contemplation on scripture is one way, and asking for discernment, wisdom, manifestation of the gifts holy and sacred of the Holy Spirit.  Listening to meditation music and simply asking Yahweh, Creator of all things on heaven and on earth, to connect, guide.  There are times when I am so tired, or the Fibromyalgia stuff has really taken a toll and I don’t automatically feel close to the Creator, to Source, to the sacred and the divine.  I have to find a way to connect and sometimes just some music and not doing anything, just music and listening for that small still voice, even if it doesn’t come then and there, it might later on in some way, to guide me, comfort me.  When humanity was a whole at some point decided they were smarter than The Creator, free will had to be honored by the one who gave it, even if He knew the potential consequences. Still, that had to be honored, not so say that The Creator had to then love everything we did, no and didn’t have to have cause and effect, action and consequence, even in terms of nature, to what we did.  He had to, common sense, but that connection, communication etc..,though it doesn’t flow as naturally and as automatically 24/7 can still be found in the quiet, in the stillness and sometimes even in connecting to others of faith, since those vibrations can reach you as well.  Let’s find ways to connect and regain the sacred and beautiful connection as was present in Eden before sin took hold, sin of pride, of thinking we know better than the one who created all things what is.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen