Faith Leaders and Accountability, How?

Wellenss Wheel

Part of the faith journey is meant to get you to a place of wellness, to guide you and society.  Faith leaders are meant to set forth scripturally correct principles to get you there, to guide you on the journey.  What the heck is happening?  What’s happening is that Eden is alive and well.  People often don’t really check, study, and look to see if what they are being taught is really congruent with scripture,  For example let’s take the Sabbath, why Sunday?  The commandment is to keep the Sabbath holy, doesn’t specify Saturday, only the Sabbath.  If you look at the NT, it speaks of the New Covenant, so for those who do accept Christ, the Sabbath would naturally be Sunday, as we are basing our Sabbath on the third day after Christ rose.  There are minor things that cause differences within the Faith community of that denomination, but what if the leader is giving a seemingly green light to what is contrary to scripture, to even Constitutional truth etc..? Do you just sit, let it slide?  Do you start world war three over it?  Is it your place, or mine to correct a faith leader?  Yes it is, but it’s really important how we do it.  We must have solid scriptural truth to present, along with a logical argument to back up those passages.  This does not only apply to the church or synagogue, but to every sphere of life, even within our own relationships.  We need to be able to speak truth in agape love as much as we can, but we should aim to speak the truth when others are engaging in a path of sin, of destructiveness and such.  Again, how we do it matter, the approach matters, so meditating, and praying on the best approach in regards to that person matters.  

What we can not do for the sake of soul and society is keep silent, not when biblical truth is being trampled on by those in charge of being the gatekeepers, that includes Pope Francis, and all leaders.  When they violate the core principles of Constitution, God and Country, God and Scripture, they have to be held accountable.  As we must be held accountable, so must those in leadership.  Whether through music, the arts in general, media, different venues in very balanced and logical ways, we must let them know when they violate Scripture and Constitutional truth.