Fame, Fortune, Not Real Treasures


Often one has this notion that just having fame and wealth, will make life full, that is the treasure, to be adored by millions, have untold wealth, so much that one doesn’t  even know how much one has in the bank.  As I listen to this song, one a number of my favorites, it has  a life lesson to it.

He has a conversation with his mom and with the audience, the viewer about how he doesn’t realize how he got to be the head of this major brand, how he doesn’t know if his friends would still be his friends if he couldn’t give them nice gifts anymore, he wants out, but so deep in, such a public figure, not that easy to just disappear into anonymity.  He recalls days with mom, church and Easter Sunday, reflects on family, and he says he would trade it all, all the fame etc.. just to see his mom one more time, spend more time with her.  He is looking answers, but mom isn’t there to guide, to provide that guiding hand, so he feels lost.  Wait, he has all this fame, fortune, all these people that would jump if he said jump, his entourage,  don’t they have the answers?  Surely the fame, and all of that, the glamour, that should be enough?  No, actually it is not, and often it leads to a lot of questions, including who is there with you for you, or for what they can get from you or riding on your coat tails so to speak.  If you become so caught up, well you drift away from everyone, everything, even lose yourself, true self.  Success, prosperity, all of that is great, fulfilling one’s potential, calling, all of it is great if it is in line with the true self and if you also have embraced a spiritual life, as well as have a true love kindred soul to share it all with, the good, bad etc.., who won’t moan, groan and bitch about it all every step of the way.   I love writing poetry, songs, love creating meditations, all of that, and sharing them with the public, love doing spoken word, as much as I love writing and sharing what I learn in life about stuff.  As I do my artistic work, put it out there, do my entrepreneurial thing,  I am not thinking in terms of fame and fortune because those are not my  treasures.  My treasures are my work with Hadassah, Songs of Love Foundation, OSIA, the people I am connected to, all of that.  Whatever prosperity, success, fame even comes from the arts, my coaching work, I welcome it, but those are not my true treasures, my true treasures really can’t be measured or tagged with a price.    I also recognize that I have to move to the next levels in all I do, that is part of growing and can not stay at the same level doing the same kind of things all the time for years, and years, as that shows no growth, especially as an artist and coach.  That I am aware of.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen.