Fear Is…

Fear is often a type of feeling we get to do to something we feel uncomfortable about or threatened by. The fear might have a basis in reality, or residual due to past negative events.  Even excessive fear of bugs, germs, or the dark may or may not have a basis in reality.  This isn’t to say that they don’t have a real fear, but being trapped by that fear, or to be set free of it and that’s is a choice.  That goes for these troubling times as well when one can become paralyzed by fear, even those of faith and in faith.  Faith, even a strong one, prayer etc.. don’t guarantee a magic solution immediately

It is very helpful if you share your fears with others. Turn to someone you can trust that will offer you support. The last thing you need is to be ridiculed about your fears since they are so real to you. Having someone willing to listen can help you to take the steps to overcome them. Keeping them hidden inside of you isn’t going to do anything but allow them to grow.

Children often have some fears too and parents need to be understanding. A child can be afraid their parent won’t return. They may also have the common fear of the dark or that there are monsters lurking under their bed. In these times fears can be heightened, so it’s important to talk to them in a way that gives them hope, comfort.  Parents need to give their children plenty of support and encouragement when it comes to such fears. This is going to be an important part of the self-image that a child develops.  The arts can be a great way to work through fears.

Not all fear is bad though as it can also serve as a way to protect yourself. The fear of being kidnapped can prevent children from wandering off. The fear of being raped can ensure a woman isn’t leaving clubs with men she knows nothing about. It can also give someone the courage to leave a difficult relationship because if they don’t they will soon end up dead.  A healthy concern for one’s health, at this time and taking common-sense percussions is wise. However, becoming overly obsessed and paranoid is not healthy, so balancing wisdom in taking care of self and others around us and paranoia to where you won’t even go get your mail on your porch or in your mailbox, a bit extreme and not healthy.

A person shouldn’t be embarrassed about their fears though as all of us have them. Anyone that tells you they aren’t afraid of something isn’t being honest. The fear may be small or it may be large. It may be imagined or it may be something very real. Regardless though you should take action to alleviate those fears. In many cases, the thought of the fear is worse than what it is actually all about.

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