Fear of Falling/Failing-Ayyy!

mourning us

There are times when we want very much to reach out to others, make a move in our career that truly will help us fulfill our potential, but we don’t due to fear. We rob ourselves and others when that happens.  What might be the fear?  

It is primarily fear of “falling”, of failing, looking like a fool, and being rejected, and since we humans have a fragile ego, so it is not easy to just say “I am going to jump off that cliff, and pray the parachute opens”  In a relationship, the fear of falling could be because of past stuff that happened, so you think the person may still hold a grudge, something I’ve never done because it isn’t constructive.  One might imagine the person they wish to connect with is a certain way, have a certain lousy first impression and that might not be accurate.  You could have caught them on a  bad day.  If you think someone is still holding a grudge years later, you could be wrong and if there are unresolved issues, maybe they can get resolved if you talk to them, really talk and try to make it work.  If we let any of these or related fears overshadow us and keep us from moving forward in faith that the parachute will open as long as we go forward with sincere intent, with authenticity and all that, we will miss out on a lot potentially in terms of relationship.  I may still carry some residual from a past relationship that was intense and didn’t end well, or really come to full realization and fruition, and that brings up some fears, as does my dad leaving, on occasion, but I don’t hold a grudge, and I won’t let that interfere with any relationship that comes forward into my life.  If I were to see that person again, I would in no way act anything other than positive and hope they have found a path to happiness, are charting that, as I work on charting mine. I would talk to them, and I would not let fear get in the way.  The same with any new relationship.  Does that mean it will all be perfect, that any relationship, friendship etc.. will be perfect, no.  If fear is the dominant factor of life as relates to relationships on either or both sides, sinking ship is what you get.  I hope that though we use discernment and wisdom, we can take that plunge and trust the parachute will open.  

When it comes to career and vocation especially anything where you might be in the public eye or visible, more visible, again there can be fear of “falling”, failing and in front of a sizable audience, or audience of your peers.  That can be no fun at all.  There may also be fear from having attempted something already and it didn’t go so well.   Any of these related reasons can keep one from moving forward with their dreams in this area.  Here is the thing, to get to the fulfillment of those dreams, handle being at the top, you have to be able to handle falling and getting up once, twice maybe ten times or more.  It’s that ability to  fall, mess up and learn from it that makes you, anyone of us wise, grow and learn, as does taking advice from those who have fallen over and over, then succeeded.  I keep going back to a video on youtube of Meatloaf performing “For Crying Out Loud” in NY and he tells the audience that he is one nervous individual because he hasn’t performed that song live  in a long time.  He decided what the hell.  He figures the audience can say “screw you”  or “God, really gave it a good try”  I think this is a good motto to live by, especially if you are going to pursue your dreams.  When it is time to leave the earth plane, we should be able to say about what we were called o, at lease we gave it a good try.  Again we should be discerning and wise, but not let fear determine what we decide, never fear alone,never fear based on the past, pain of the past.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen