Fear To Step Forward


There are times when we know we have a deep connection to someone, it’s mutual knowledge at every level, yet we have this notion that everything has to be perfect and our lives to be perfectly sorted out for us to move forward.  I am realizing, no such thing, a myth.  

Life, timing situations will never be perfect or ideal for anything, only what is in our heart, spirit and soul in full alignment will be, and if we can overcome fears of failure, or not being good enough whatever it is holding back and approach the person with all the sincerity of our heart, spirt and soul, speak from the heart about what is going on then the rest will flow very naturally where it is meant to.  It really annoys the hell out me when either myself or anyone allows fear or this notion of things not being in perfect order, or every t and every i not being crossed and dotted as an excuse for not moving forward.  I have made a vow to myself that I will not let fear or things not being perfect ever keep me from moving forward with life, the arts, relationships, though a very different worldview would be a big problem for the long term of a relationship.  When I see someone in my own sphere holding back, not fully engaging because of fear, of all the t’s not being crossed, the i’s not being dotted, in their own situation and things not in perfect order on their end, frankly it’s a bit annoying.  If one waits for perfect this and that, nothing will happen, nothing will get accomplished and nothing will every flourish or move forward.  I have also decided that I refuse to allow myself to stay annoyed when people are stuck in this mindset of “things have to be perfect for me to approach this person, include them in my life, even as friend or in whatever capacity”.  I have decided that I can still care, still allow myself to be open to that psychic connection, be inspired by it etc.. and move forward to form other connections and if others decide to bring me into their lives fully without this notion of perfect timing circumstances etc… then it is going to be their loss.  I intend to keep being open of heart, spirit and soul, in friendship true.  As I said, it is up to others if they choose to engage as well in full or not, and if they do not and others do then at some point all efforts on part in reaching out to them will be fully abandoned and it will be their loss not mine, as I have always reached out in sincerity and friendship true, with encouragement and faith in their fullest potential.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen